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  • Commercial Charging - Enquiry | Rolec Services Ltd

    Home Site Structure EV Charging Site Structure For Businesses Site Structure Commercial Charging Site Structure Enquire Now COMMERCIAL CHARGING ENQUIRY Please enter your details below and a member of our team will be in touch shortly to discuss your requirements. First Name Email Company Last Name Phone Postcode Which industry best describes your company? Please Select arrow&v Are you looking to install your charging points alongside the OZEV WorkPlace Charging Scheme Grant? Please Select arrow&v Is your site secure or open to the public? Please Select arrow&v Who will be using your charging point(s)? Please Select arrow&v Do you require the ability to manage and monitor your network of charging points? Please Select arrow&v Do you have a unique voucher code from one of our EV charging partners? Please Select arrow&v What type of service do you require? Please Select arrow&v Charging point type required? Please Select arrow&v Are payment facilities required? Please Select arrow&v How many bays are you looking to electrify? Please Select arrow&v Your Voucher Code Your Enquiry I would like to subscribe to your latest emails and newsletters (Optional) I consent to the Rolec Privacy Statement and holding of your personal information (required). You can read our full Privacy Statement here > Privacy Policy Request a call back (Typically between 8.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday) SUBMIT ENQUIRY

  • Your Charging Questions Answered

    BLOG EV Charging Your Charging Questions Answered Sultana Rahman 19 July 2021, 14:24:20 We’ve answered some of the EV charging questions asked by prospective electric vehicle drivers. How much does it cost to charge an EV at home? The cost of charging an electric vehicle at home is dependent on various factors; when you charge your vehicle; how you charge your vehicle (3-pin plug or charging point); size of the vehicle’s battery; tariffs/charging networks used and how much energy you need. Charging your electric vehicle at home is a cost effective alternative to charging at public locations, especially when charging is complete during the night, when energy rates are low. Out of gallery How long does it take to charge an EV from empty to full? This depends on both the battery size as well as the speed of the chargepoint. Most electric vehicle drivers will recharge their vehicles at home from empty to full and most will also ‘top-up’ their charge if a chargepoint is available at their workplace or at a public destination. What grant funding is available for getting a chargepoint installed at my home? The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) are committed in ensuring that those who do make the transition to an electric vehicle, can do so hassle-free. The OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) allows EV drivers to benefit from £350 off their home chargepoint, providing that the EV chargepoint is ‘smart.’ View our OLEV grant fundable smart electric vehicle charger for your home, WallPod:EV HomeSmart I own a business, is there grant funding available for workplace chargepoints? Yes. The OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) provides generous cost savings for businesses/organisations across the UK for the purchase and installation of electric vehicle chargers at their workplace premises. Workplaces are eligible for up to £14,000 grant funding (£350 per socket, a total of up to 40 chargepoint sockets permitted at your premises under OLEV WCS) towards their chosen chargepoints, so long as their chargepoints are ‘smart.’ View our workplace EV charging solutions Where can I charge my car if I don’t have a home electric vehicle charge installed yet? There are hundreds of locations with chargepoints available for electric vehicle drivers to use. This year, the number of public electric vehicle chargepoints has increased by 18% so far - according to the Department of Transport, there are now 19,487 public EV chargers available to use across the UK (time of writing). Some public chargers offer free charging, whilst others will ask you to pay a fee - prices will vary due to pricing models implemented by the car park. Most public destinations will offer AC Fast charging (anything from 3.6kW to 22kW), however there are now hundreds of DC rapid chargers located across the UK for public use and this figure is set to increase in the near future. Looking for more answers? Check out our FAQs or get in touch PREVIOUS NEXT Related Posts Supporting Your Transition to a Zero Emissions Fleet 5 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs EV Charging. 200,000 EV Chargepoints Installed Worldwide

  • EV Charging points installed at their Offices

    CASE STUDY EV Charging points installed at their Offices Rolec EV charging points were requested by Anglian Water for installation at their offices. The installations required the EV charging points to differentiate between users, i.e. visitors, customers, directors, etc... SCOPE Provide an EV charging solution which also allows the implementation of a user-dependent variety of tariffs. Enable staff to access the EV charging points using one particular payment rate; visitors to the using another and free EV charging to be provided for fleet commercial vehicles. Out of gallery SOLUTION Install a network of Rolec SecuriCharge:EV, AutoCharge:EV and Quantum:EV charging units across their sites throughout the UK, featuring Rolec’s open EV charging network. This provided the ideal bespoke solution in order to meet all of the project’s requirements, with the network operating in the form of mobile phone interactive system supported by full back office management. PREVIOUS NEXT Anglian Water

  • EV Charging | Rolec Services Ltd

    ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING FOR THE CARAVAN INDUSTRY FOR YOUR CARAVAN & HOLIDAY PARK EV CHARGING With electric vehicles becoming more and more popular, your caravan/holiday park destination requires electric vehicle charging points to accommodate for all of your visitors. Rolec manufacture, design and install Europe’s largest range of EV charging points, providing a solution for all budgets and requirements. Home Site Structure Caravan Hook-Ups Site Structure Site Structure Caravan Products EV Charging Generate additional revenue and increase visibility of your destination Allowing your visitors to recharge their electric vehicles at your caravan/holiday park destination is ideal for increasing footfall as well as generating business revenue. By operating a pay-to-charge solution, your caravan/holiday park destination can quickly see chargepoint return on investment whilst putting your destination on the map for offering EV charging. KEY BENEFITS YOUR DESTINATION CATERS FOR ALL VISITORS & CUSTOMERS FUTURE-PROOFS YOUR DESTINATION FOR THE RISE OF ELECTRIC VEHICLES POSITIONS YOUR DESTINATION AS ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ACHIEVES LOYALTY & FUTURE CUSTOM FROM EV DRIVERS SHOWS THAT YOUR DESTINATION IS ENCOURAGING INNOVATION ATTRACTS ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS VISITORS & CUSTOMERS Grant Funding (UK Only) Did you know that your UK workplace could be eligible for up to £14,000 grant funding for the purchase and installation of your electric vehicle charging points? The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles are eager to ensure that destinations across the UK can offer both staff and visitors with EV charging facilities, therefore off-setting the costs of implementing charging infrastructure. The level of grant funding provided by OZEV also allows your destination to offer 40 charging points for your staff and visitors to use, allowing for more vehicles to recharge at your premises. READ MORE Generate Additional Revenue Offer pay-to-charge solutions to chargepoint users and generate additional revenue. Using our flexible pricing model, drivers can charge their vehicles at a cost that suits your business requirements. Get your destination known Put your caravan/holiday park destination on the map by catering for the increasing number of EV drivers on the road. Offering the facilities to recharge is an effective way of generating greater footfall. Environmental Responsibility In a world where protecting the environment is pivotal. Deploying electric vehicle charging points at your caravan/holiday park destination shows that your business is encouraging environmental change whilst increasing green credentials. This in turn generates better air quality whilst encouraging employees and visitors to drive cleaner and greener vehicles. Loyalty & Customer Retention If your destination offers EV charging, chances are, electric vehicle drivers are likely to return, knowing that they can recharge conveniently. Situating electric vehicle charging points at your destination will provide peace of mind for drivers, providing them with confidence to return. Can’t find what you are looking for, or have a question? Give us a call on +44 (0) 1205 724 754 CONTACT US EV COMPATIBLE PRODUCT RANGES WallPod:EV LEARN MORE BasicCharge:EV LEARN MORE Quantum:EV LEARN MORE AutoCharge:EV LEARN MORE UFC 200 LEARN MORE ENQUIRE NOW

  • CUBICHARGE:EV | Rolec EV Charging

    Home Site Structure EV Charging Site Structure EV Charging Product Ranges Site Structure CubiCharge:EV CUBICHARGE :EV FREE-TO-USE The CUBICHARGE:EV range has been designed to offer portable, temporary electric vehicle charging solutions in a compact, hard-wearing cube. VIEW OVERVIEW The CUBICHARGE:EV Range By connecting the unit to an available single or three phase electrical supply, or generator, it becomes a Mode3 EV fast charging unit which is available in either 7.2kW or 22kW charging speeds, as well as Mode 2 charging at up to 3kW. Complete with carry handles, mounting feet, built in protective switchgear and LED charging status indicators, the CUBICHARGE:EV is the ideal portable charging solution for use at events, car showrooms, service centres, R&D facilities - in fact, anywhere temporary and portable EV charging is required. Designed to be compatible with all current PHEVs and EVs. SUITABLE FOR CAR SHOWROOMS OUTDOOR & INDOOR EVENTS CAR PARKS RURAL LOCATIONS Out of gallery KEY FEATURES 3 x 7.2kW CHARGING POINTS IMPACT RESISTANT BRANDING & COLOUR OPTIONS AVAILABLE IP55 WEATHER PROOF & UV STABILISED PORTABLE EV CHARGING FLAME RETARDANT INTERESTED IN EV CHARGING? NEED A CHARGER? Please fill in the form and one of our EV Specialists will get back you ENQUIRE NOW SPECIFICATIONS MATERIALS Polypropylene outer shell, Rubber stabilising feet, Dibond charging socket and switchgear panels, IP65 rated access door to switchgear DIMENSIONS 400mm (W) 487.5mm (H) 455mm (D) RATED OUTPUT 3 x 7.2kW CHARGE PROTOCOL Mode 3 OVERLOAD & FAULT PROTECTION AC Fault Protection - 30mA DC Fault Protection - 6mA DATASHEET CubiCharge EV FTU > THE IDEAL TEMPORARY EV CHARGING SOLUTION FOR EVENTS, EXHIBITIONS & ALIKE OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES Key switch control charging Built-in class 1 MID compliant kWh meter IP65 rated 13A domestic socket (Mode 2 charging or maintenance) Corporate branding (colours, logo badge, etc.) EV charging cables (Type 1 to Type 2 or Type 2 to Type 2) ​ ​ EV CHARGING RELATED PRODUCT RANGES StreetServ:EV LEARN MORE WallPod:EV LEARN MORE DC WallBox LEARN MORE PRODUCT CODES EVCC0030 ENQUIRE NOW

  • Caravan Hook-Ups Metering & Managements Systems | Rolec Services Ltd

    METERING & MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Home Site Structure Caravan Hook-Ups Site Structure Metering & Management Systems METERING & MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS With over 30 years of experience in serving the caravan and holiday park industry, Rolec are at the forefront of providing cost-effective solutions, proven to provide the best services for all locations. Rolec’s metering options and automated reading and invoicing system are both well renowned for their easy-to-use and simple to manage functionalities, saving hours of labour across caravan and holiday park sites. SmartCard Metering LEARN MORE ENQUIRE NOW

  • STREETSERV:EV | Rolec EV Charging

    Home Site Structure EV Charging Site Structure EV Charging Product Ranges Site Structure StreetServ:EV STREETSERV :EV FREE-TO-USE The STREETSERV:EV charging range is a robust, hard-wearing and vandal resistant EV charging solution, specifically designed for town centres, market places, quaysides and more. VIEW OVERVIEW The STREETSERV:EV Charging Post For those who have no access to off-street parking, the STREETSERV:EV also provides for an alternative private charging solution. This charging point is available in a free-to-use format, allowing EV drivers to simply park and charge their vehicles. Compatible with all EVs/PHEVs, the STREETSERV:EV provides Mode 3 fast charging in both 3.6kW and 7.2kW speeds, as well as Mode 2 charging up to a 3kW charging speed. SUITABLE FOR ROADSIDES CAR PARKS RESIDENTIAL KERBSIDE Out of gallery KEY FEATURES SECURE, LOCK-AWAY CHARGING SOCKET BRANDING & COLOUR OPTIONS AVAILABLE 13A MAINTENANCE SOCKET IP54 WEATHER PROOF & UV STABILISED STRONG & DURABLE CE CERTIFIED INTERESTED IN EV CHARGING? NEED A CHARGER? Please fill in the form and one of our EV Specialists will get back you ENQUIRE NOW SPECIFICATIONS MATERIALS Heavy-duty steel DIMENSIONS 195mm (W) 1080mm (H) 195mm (D) RATED OUTPUT 3.6kW/7.2kW MAINTENANCE SOCKET 1x IP55 weatherproof rated 13A domestic socket complete with built-in 16A 30mA RCBO EV CHARGING COMPLIANCE EN 61851-1 EN 61851-21 EN 61851-22 DATASHEET StreetServ EV FTU > THE IDEAL EV CHARGING POINT FOR DRIVERS WITHOUT OFF-STREET PARKING OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES Built-in class 1 MID compliant kWh meter Built-in time clock providing charge time management Corporate branding (colours, logo badge, etc.) Galvanised steel ground mounting base Chargepoint signage EV charging cables (Type 1 to Type 2 or Type 2 to Type 2) ​ EV CHARGING RELATED PRODUCT RANGES WallPod:EV LEARN MORE Titan:EV StreetCharge LEARN MORE StreetCharge:EV LEARN MORE PRODUCT CODES EVSS0030 EVSS0040 ENQUIRE NOW

  • | RolecServ

    CLOSE MENU For EV Drivers Home Charging Charging On The Go For Businesses Workplace Charging Commercial Charging Fleet Charging Residential Charging Development Charging Event Charging VendElectric Find A Charge Point Chargepoint Management System EV Product Ranges EV Charging Accessories Additional Services WallPod:EV Homesmart Smarter, Cheaper, Greener Charging From just £640 (inc. VAT) LEARN MORE Vend Electric App Operating and using charging points couldn’t be easier! Find A Chargepoint

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    CLOSE MENU Caravan Products Static Hook-Ups Touring Hook-Ups Holiday Home & Residential Distribution Systems EV Charging Hook-Up Accessories Metering & Management Systems SmartCard Metering Additional Services ParkServ Product Branding Design & Consultation Installation Services Caravan Hook-Ups Product Ranges DID YOU KNOW? We also offer Hook-Up Accessories! LEARN MORE EV CHARGING Solutions now available! TAKE A LOOK

  • QUANTUM:EV | Rolec EV Charging

    Home Site Structure EV Charging Site Structure EV Charging Product Ranges Site Structure Quantum:EV QUANTUM :EV EV OPENCHARGE | FREE-TO-USE The QUANTUM:EV charging pedestal is a sleek, modern and long-lasting electric vehicle charging point, providing a combination of durability and impeccable design. This charging unit is available in 1way, 2way and 4way versions, allowing businesses to opt for a solution that suits their premises. Complete with a louvered LED amenity lighting head, electric vehicle drivers can easily locate the charging point during the darker hours. VIEW OVERVIEW The QUANTUM:EV Pedestal These ultra-modern pedestals are available in a low cost free-to-charge format, or with OCPP back office compatibility via the EV OpenCharge range, allowing for a pay-to-charge solution using the EV driver’s smartphone and/or via authorise-to-charge RFID card/fob. Compatible with all EVs/PHEVs, the QUANTUM:EV provides Mode 3 fast charging in both 3.6kW and 7.2kW, as well as SuperFast 11kW and 22kW speeds. SUITABLE FOR CAR PARKS WORKPLACES DEVELOPMENT SITES PUBLIC LOCATIONS Out of gallery KEY FEATURES OCPP 1.6 COMPLIANT BRANDING & COLOUR OPTIONS AVAILABLE GRANT FUNDABLE MODELS AVAILABLE LED AMENITY LIGHTING GPRS / ETHERNET CONNECTIVITY IP RATED & UV STABILISED INTERESTED IN EV CHARGING? NEED A CHARGER? Please fill in the form and one of our EV Specialists will get back you ENQUIRE NOW SPECIFICATIONS SUBSTRUCTURE MATERIALS 2.5mm thick, high quality 6063 extruded aluminium with a 25 micron hard anodised protective cosmetic finish MATERIALS Lens: High impact resistant 3mm polycarbonate | Base: High impact resistant, heavy-duty 5mm polycarbonate | Lid: High impact resistant polycarbonate DIMENSIONS 382.5mm (W) 1440mm (H) 262.5mm (D) CHARGE PROTOCOL Mode 3 COMMUNICATIONS *Smart models only - GPRS (Recommended signal strength of 14 CSQ or above) RJ45 ethernet connection DATASHEETS Quantum EV FTU > Quantum EV FTU SuperFast > Quantum EV OpenCharge > Quantum EV OpenCharge SuperFast > THE UNIQUE & SOPHISTICATED SMART EV CHARGING POINT, SUITABLE FOR ALL BUSINESSES & ORGANISATIONS OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES RFID card/fobs Load Manager system (electrical distribution management) Corporate branding (colours, logo badge, etc.) Galvanised steel ground mounting base Protection barriers Chargepoint signage EV charging cables (Type 1 to Type 2 or Type 2 to Type 2) EV CHARGING RELATED PRODUCT RANGES BasicCharge:EV LEARN MORE AutoCharge:EV LEARN MORE SecuriCharge:EV LEARN MORE PRODUCT CODES EVQR0110 EVQR0111 EVQR0120 EVQR0121 EVQR0112 EVQR0113 EVQR0122 EVQR0123 OCPP0410 OCPP0411 OCPP0420 OCPP0421 OCPP0412 OCPP0413 OCPP0422 OCPP0423 EVCO0410 EVCO0411 EVCO0420 EVCO0421 EVCO0414 EVCO0415 EVCO0424 EVCO0425 EVCO0412 EVCO0413 EVCO0422 EVCO0423 EVCO0416 EVCO0417 EVCO0426 EVCO0427 GMQR0010 OCPP0425 EVQR0125 ENQUIRE NOW

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