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My charging cable is stuck?

Product Support

Product Support

My charging cable is stuck?

Chargers often include a cable/plug locking feature (often referred to as a Hatch Lock) to prevent cable theft. The lock is automatically engaged when a charging session starts and is disengaged when the session is terminated. Attempts to forcibly remove a locked plug may damage the locking pin within the charging unit.

Make sure the charging session has stopped.

The lock is engaged when a charge session is active.

Make sure the vehicle is unlocked.

Unlocking the vehicle may signal the cable lock in the charge point to release.

Check the vehicle to make sure it’s not preventing the cable from being removed.

Some vehicles have a cable locking/unlocking function using a physical or on-screen button.

Remove the plug from the vehicle.

Disconnection of the cable from the vehicle stops communication between the vehicle and the charger and this may release the cable lock.

Make sure the plug is pushed fully into the charging unit and then carefully try to remove it.

The charging lock uses a pin that engages with the plug. Obstruction of the pin may prevent it from disengaging. Pushing the plug fully into the charging may provide free movement for the pin to be released.

Check if your charging app has locked your cable.

It is a common feature within charging apps to ‘permanently’ lock the cable in place for anti-theft purposes.

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8 September 2023

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