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Rolec Launch New Public EV Charging Network

September 13th 2016

Rolec EV has developed a revolutionary new public facing EV charge point management system called ‘EV Charge Online’ in response to the growing numbers of EV drivers in the UK who are feeling frustrated by the financial burdens placed on them by many of the current national EV charge point network providers.

‘EV Charge Online’ enables each and every EV driver to simply pull up to a charge point and, using their mobile phone, tablet or in-car connectivity, login to the charge point and pay on the spot for its use. 

Managing Director of Rolec EV, Kieron Alsop, commented: “For some time now we have felt that the EV driver has been forced into unnecessary and expensive annual memberships fees, monthly subscription fees and charge point connection fees.  

“Our new EV Charge Online system has been developed to provide unrestricted and open access to all EV drivers via a pay-as-you-go charging solution without having to commit to joining any specific network and therefore avoiding unnecessary fees and connection charges.”

EV Charge Online is not only beneficial for the EV driver, in so much as they only pay when they use the charge point, but also benefits the host. With EV Charge Online hosts will not have to pay any license fees and can have a charge point installed and operational quickly and easily, simply by providing an electricity supply.

EV Charge Online can be installed at any location throughout the UK, from a single charge point through to a multi charge point network, and provides the host with an instant revenue stream - payable directly into their bank account.

This new PAYG system can be incorporated into almost all of Rolec’s EV charge point product range, which covers the domestic, commercial and public facing markets.

Keep Your Charging Pedestals - Change Your Back Office

Alsop continued: “The EV Charge Online system can also be quickly and easily retro-fitted into existing public facing charging pedestals that have been manufactured and installed by other companies. 

“The retro-fitting of EV Charge Online into these existing pedestals then enables the host to fully open up their charging network to each and every EV driver, in turn allowing the EV driver to withdraw from their current costly subscription and membership schemes and operate on a true Pay-As-You-Go basis”.

EV Charge Online has many exciting new features including:

  • Texting/emailing EV drivers when their charging cycle is nearing completion
  • A facility for waiting EV drivers to prompt the system to remind the absent EV driver that their charge is complete and to return to their vehicle and relocate

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