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EV Charging / 2019

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EVs Boost The Sale Of Rooftop Solar Panels

June 13th 2019

A new report has found that combining rooftop solar panels with EV charging can significantly reduce the payback period for a home solar system.

Kieron Alsop, MD of Rolec EV, commented: “The home solar installation industry has over recent years had a difficult time with the huge reductions in feed-in tariffs, which has resulted in a significant number of solar installers either losing their business or having to diversify to survive.

“The ever-growing uptake of electric vehicles has by default stimulated a resurgence of rooftop solar panels due to the significant savings that can be made by using solar generated energy to power electric vehicles, compared with the continually high rising costs of running a standard internal combustion engine vehicle.

“At Rolec we have developed a range of charging points, called EV SolarCharge, that link to both the home’s grid electricity supply and rooftop solar system.

“This new range of EV SolarCharge units are equipped with built-in LCD screens that provide the EV driver with information, including the EV’s current charging demand, how much energy is being produced by the rooftop solar system, and how much grid electricity is being used.”

Alsop continued: “One of EV SolarCharge’s exciting features is Solar Mode, which when deployed tracks the energy being generated by the solar panels and limits the EV charging point to supply the EV at the same energy levels. In effect, your EV is now 100 per cent green and running on the sun.

“A further development boosting the solar panel industry is the introduction of home energy battery storage systems, which when used in conjunction with EV charging, enable the home owner to store all the energy produced by the solar panels and direct it straight into the electric vehicle – again providing 100 per cent green energy and running the vehicle off the sun.”

The recent Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) report states that batteries and EVs can boost the economics of rooftop solar by enabling households to use more of the electricity they produce, thereby decreasing electricity bills - and dramatically reducing the payback period on the solar system.

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