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Feature - Why Your Fleet Should Invest In Electric Vehicles

April 8th 2018

Buying an EV (Electric Vehicle) or PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) for your fleet can significantly lower your operating costs and provide huge savings.

Here are just some of the reasons it could be smart to switch to EVs…


Running a vehicle on electricity instead of traditional forms of fuel, such as petrol or diesel, results in substantially lower fuel costs. 

Using the running costs and range given by Renault for their Zoe, travel costs can be as low as just 2p per mile.

Compare this to the cost per mile of an average petrol car and you can see why EVs will provide your fleet with long-term savings in this area.

Costs could be reduced even further if batteries were charged at off-peak times with an Economy 7 tariff. The easiest and cheapest way to charge an EV is always with a dedicated EV charging point, such as those available from Rolec EV.


When functioning, an electric drivetrain is simpler than a conventional drivetrain. Add to this the fact that a pure EV has only one moving part - the electric motor – and it is evident that potential replacement part costs for your fleet will be drastically reduced. 

EVs also possess simpler transmissions, so do not require fluid replacement, as well as features such as regenerative braking - which reduces wear and tear on basic vehicle components. 

According to various sources, some fleets have reported maintenance cost reductions of more than 50 percent when operating pure EVs. Though savings for PHEVs give slightly reduced numbers, due to their use of combustion technologies, cost reductions are still significant.


Along with reduced fuel expenditure, this is where your fleet could make the most cost savings.

Government grants and tax incentives help to reduce the total cost of EV ownership – aiming to make them more affordable for you and your employees.

Did you know that pure EVs are exempt from paying Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), while vehicles which emit less than 75g/km CO2 pay less road tax in the first year? Benefit in Kind (BIK), Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), capital allowances, and salary sacrifice regimes also all incentivise operating EVs within fleets.

Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) grants are also available from OLEV – for more information about installing subsidised EV charging points for your site contact Rolec EV on 01205 724754.


Powered by electricity stored in an on-board battery, EVs emit none of the exhaust gases associated with conventional vehicles – gases like carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. 

Therefore both EVs and PHEVs offer a significant air quality improvement in urban environments, providing significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

An EV powered by nuclear energy or renewable electricity results in negligible lifecycle emissions of greenhouse gas. 


Several commercial fleets operating EVs and PHEVs have reported high levels of employee satisfaction, improved performance, and better retention. For example - in delivery applications, drivers of EV trucks appreciate the smooth and quiet ride, the elimination of diesel or petrol exhaust fumes, and the idea that they are operating a cutting-edge technology.


Commercial fleets have also reported numerous operational advantages associated with EVs. These benefits include less time taken to fuel up at a petrol station, maximising time spent on the job and proving a real boon for businesses such as delivery companies.

  • Rolec EV manufacture and supply Europe’s widest range of EV charging points – for more information call 01205 724754, email rolec@rolecserv.co.uk or go to www.rolecserv.com
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