EV Charging Points For The Home

Rolec EV provides low cost EV charging points for the home from Europe's largest range.

With over 95,000 EV charging points already manufactured and supplied, you can be assured that you are receiving a tried and tested product, already very popular with a large number of EV drivers.

In addition to our various EV charging point ranges listed below, we also provide the UK's lowest priced subsidised OLEV EV charging points for the home. To find out more click here.

WallPod: EV Ready - Our WallPod: EV Ready unit provides the homebuilder with a low cost, future proof solution that, as well as providing EV charging in Mode 2 format (easily upgradable to full Mode 3) to satisfy planning, also doubles up as an outdoor IP65 rated domestic 13amp maintenance socket. This unit is ideal for the homebuilder. 

WallPod: EV HomeChargeThe WallPod: EV HomeCharge range is a low-cost, entry level home charging unit, designed to offer full Mode 3 fast charging to every Electric Vehicle on the market. It is available in either J1772 or IEC 62196 tethered cable, or IEC 62196 socket, versions. OLEV approved and our most popular domestic EV charging unit.

WallPod: EV MultiModeThis range is comprises entry level home charging units designed to offer full Mode 3, 16amp (3.6kW) or 32amp (7.2 kW) fast charging to all electric vehicles. This unit also provides an IP65 rated 13amp domestic socket, ideal for home/garden maintenance, and is available in either J1772 or IEC 62196 tethered cable versions.

WallPod: EV HomeSmart - Designed to provide a Smart EV charging solution for the home, this system can monitor and record all EV charging activity and history at a given property and, via GPRS or WiFi, communicate with the Power Portal* back office to relay this information to a third party - which can then be used for reporting, analysing and preparing statistics. The EV Driver can switch on/off the charging point and monitor their account and kWh consumption using their Smart phone. The unit comes complete with built-in modem, Mode 3 controller, MID approved kWh meter, protective switchgear, electrical contactor and GPRS signal antennae if required.

*Power Portal is a cloud-based back office designed to communicate with the EV driver via their mobile phone, the WallPod: EV HomeSmart unit and the third party management company via OCPP if required.

WallPod: EV EconomyBoost - The WallPod: EV EconomyBoost, available in J1772/IEC 62196 tethered cable or IEC 62196 socket versions, is a cost effective home charging unit designed to offer full Mode 3, 16amp or 32amp, fast charging to every Electric Vehicle on the market. This unit features a time clock and boost button, allowing the charging of the EV to initiate at off-peak times/rates. The ‘Boost’ button can be pressed to override the time clock to provide instant EV charging.

EV Charging Cables & Accessories - Rolec EV also holds Europe’s largest stocks and widest range of EV charging cables and accessories to suit every EV and PHEV on the market today. These ranges include:

• Plug to plug charging cables and tethered leads

• Charging cable carry bags

For more information about any of our EV charging points call us on 01205 724754 or email rolec@rolecserv.co.uk

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