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Power Solutions / 2015

Image for PowerMaster’s Popularity Continues Around The UK.

PowerMaster’s Popularity Continues Around The UK

November 5th 2015

Rolec’s PowerMaster units continue to prove extremely popular, with orders being taken from all over the UK on a regular basis.

Two of these most recent orders serve to illustrate the range of locations that can utilise PowerMaster products:

  • The Manchetts Rescue and Recovery company ordered a version of PowerMaster which included 4 x 16amp IP44 230 volt sockets, 1 x 63amp RCD and 4 x 16amp 1 pole MCBs for use at their headquarters. Manchetts also offer body, tyre, workshop, and sourcing and leasing of vehicle services from their base in Burwell, Cambridgeshire.
  • Meanwhile, PowerMasters were also ordered for the Mount Stewart Estate in Newtownards, Northern Ireland. This National Trust owned site (pictured above) requested the installation of Rolec’s products in order to use them during outdoor events - ordering PowerMasters featuring 4 x 16amp IP44 230 volt sockets, 1 x 63amp 2 pole RCD and 4 x 16amp 1 pole MCB.
  • The Mount Stewart Estate added to their order of Rolec products by including Round Top bespoke StreetServ units in a beige/grey colour. These included 4 x 16amp 230 volt IP44 sockets.

Rolec’s PowerMaster units offer pop-up electrical supplies at competitive prices and are housed in heavy-duty galvanised steel, providing up to 4 single phase 13amp/16amp/32amp/63amp electrical socket outlets. When not in use the electrical enclosure is folded into the below-ground housing, providing both walkover and drive-over capabilities.

StreetServ cast iron posts have been specially designed for high risk, susceptible public locations and provide hard-wearing, robust electrical connections. When in use StreetServs offer up to 4x 16amp/2x 32amp electrical supplies via switchgear protected socket outlets. Their access doors can be closed while the electrical sockets are being used.

  • For more information about Rolec’s leading range of power solutions please call 01205 724754, go to email or contact your local electrical wholesaler.

A Rolec PowerMaster unit

Rolec's StreetServ


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Image for PowerMaster’s Popularity Continues Around The UK.

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